“Magija je u detaljima” Walt Disney

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Flower feeling je jedinstveni koncept mesečnog iznajmljivanja vrhunski dizajniranih aranžmana od ekoloških materijala. Ovaj novi koncept na tržištu Srbije, osmišljen je tako da vaš životni ili poslovni prostor učini lepšim bez mnogo truda i ulaganja, na jednostavan i praktičan način. Predivnim eko buketima oplemenjujemo vaše okruženje i unosimo lepotu, osećaj zadovoljstva i luksuz.

Victorian Elegance

We providing high-quality floral arrangements and gifts.

The front of the shop is adorned with florals – plants, bouquets, bunches line the pavement outside our brightly coloured shop. This is really important, as it makes the general public stop, chat and be encouraged to take a look at a small snippet of our flower shops offering. Our door is large and always kept open (even in the coldest of times). This provides easy access to our shop: a closed door is often a barrier to customers.

Whilst it keeps the warm in, our shop has no heating so door open or closed it is a chilly space in the winter months. However, don’t worry: us florists are tough people and therefore just wear lots of layers to keep the cold at bay.


Big Bloom


28 Aug 2019



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We choose out flowers from our flower bank (rearranged each day as new flowers arrive) to design with.

Once the outside is prettily adorned with flowers, we turn the computer on to see what the day has in store for us in terms of customer orders. We begin the day often conditioning the new flowers that come into the shop. Carefully checking over all stems, removing foliage and giving them a good drink. We make a lot of mess whilst doing this and often lose our feet amongst leafy foliage.

After all the flowers are conditioned into clean buckets (a job that most florists don’t enjoy, but a job that in our shop is completed by the owner all the way down to the Saturday girl no one gets out of bleaching buckets!) we get making bouquets and arrangements to sell in the shop or to deliver to lots of pleased recipients.

“Reading is not only informed by what’s going on with us at that moment, but also governed by how our eyes and brains work to process information.”